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All of our health practitioners are able to provide excellent care for you. We know how important a great relationship with your GP is to you and your family’s health…it’s all about being better!

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Dr Phillipa Lennox

Dr Phillipa Lennox


MMC is again delighted to welcome a new doctor to our practice:

Dr Phillipa Lennox (Pip) is in her final year of general practice training. She completed her hospital training in Port Macquarie before moving to Newcastle to be around her family.

Pip enjoys all aspects of general practice, including women’s and children’s health, and is passionate about preventative healthcare to keep you healthy.

Outside of work, Pip enjoys gardening, sewing and delicious food.

Dr Jane Taylor Intergrative GP - MBBS, BMED SCc (Hons), Dip RACOG

Dr Jane Taylor – Integrative GP

MBBS, BMed Sc (Hons), Dip RACOG

Dr Jane Taylor has over 30 years’ experience as a General Practitioner, more than 20 years of which have been in alternative / integrative medicine.

Jane’s interest in integrative medicine was sparked by her family history, particularly the hormonal issues experienced by her mother and subsequent potential genetic risks they carried for her sisters and herself.

Her main areas of interest are female hormonal issues from puberty through to menopause and auto-immune hormonal issues, such as Hashimoto’s Disease. Treatments include dietary nutritional intervention, if required combined with nutritional injectables. Focus is given to restoring gut health to positively affect your whole system.

Jane has joined Mayfield Medical Connection with over twenty years continuous service in private practice in Canberra and fourteen years as a clinical tutor at the Australian National University Medical School.

As an integrative practitioner, Jane’s practice and fees differ from the rest of our GPs. You may expect your initial appointment to take between 40 mins and an hour. To ensure that you obtain maximum health benefit where appropriate, a management plan of subsequent appointments will be offered. All patients are given a comprehensive health questionnaire to complete and return prior to your first appointment. Please refer to our Integrative Medicine Fees Schedule found on our Patient Billing page . Initial appointments must be pre-paid.

Jane’s focus is auto-immune, nutrition and female hormones, she does not treat children suffering behavioural / learning issues.

MMC is delighted to have Jane join us. We look forward to supporting her to deliver these services, largely unique to the Newcastle area.

Dr Mia Westcott. Newcastle Doctor For Mayfield Medical Connection.

Dr Mia Westcott

BMed, FRACGP, Diploma Child Health

MMC is happy/happy to welcome Dr Mia Westcott back from maternity leave 19th October for two days a week.

Dr Mia Westcott enjoys all areas of GP practice and the challenges it brings. She is passionate about women’s and children’s health, and has experience in these areas having previously worked in Paediatrics. With experience working in remote Aboriginal communities, Mia is also interested in Indigenous health.

Mia trained with MMC as a GP Registrar, and after completing her training and travelling overseas, she returned to our practice in January 2019. MMC is delighted to be working with Mia again and we are sure that the many patients who have seen her in the past will be equally delighted by her return.

Outside of work, Mia enjoys preparing and eating great food, staying active and travelling.

Dr Sanoj Joseph

Dr Sanoj Joseph


MMC is delighted to welcome Dr Sanoj Joseph back to the Mayfield health community.

Sanoj is an excellent generalist, providing a comfortable platform to support the health of both new and existing patients.  His particular interests lie in diabetes and ear, nose and throat medicine. Sanoj trained in the UK and holds experience in Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East. Sanoj originally moved to Australia to work with MMC in 2013 and rejoined our practice in February 2020. For what it’s worth, again we are delighted he is back.

Dr Joseph is fluent in Hindi, Romanian, Malayalam and Tamil.

Outside of work, his passions are soccer and gardening.

Dr Katie Fisher

Dr Katie Fisher


MMC is proud to be working with GP Registrar Dr Katie Fisher.

Katie graduated from The University of New South Wales before spending her reisdency years at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. After working as a GP Registar on the Central Coast, she has now returned to Newcastle to finish her GP training and to be closer to her family.

Katie enjoys women’s and childhood health and supporting each and every patient to be as healthy as they can be.

As a well rounded individual, outside of work Katie enjoys yoga, baking, hiking and watching movies.

Dr Tanya Cater. Newcastle Doctor For Mayfield Medical Connection.

Dr Tanya Cater


Beyond excellent skills across General Practice, Dr Tanya Cater has experience in both Exercise Physiology and Anaesthesia.  Tanya’s experience as an exercise physiologist sets her up for comprehensive delivery of Sports Medicine. She is also passionate about Childhood and Women’s Health and assisting families to be healthy and happy.

Outside of work, Tanya loves sports, family and vegemite toast.

Dr Lucy Cochrane

Dr Lucy Cochrane


Growing up in a small town in Northern New South Wales, community and relationships are very important to Lucy and she brings warmth and empathy to her consultations. As a newly-fellowed GP, Lucy is on the cutting edge of Medical Education.

Lucy is an astute practitioner across the breadth of General Medicine, we and our community are fortunate to have her working with us.

Outside of work, Lucy enjoys being in the outdoors with a particular interest in hiking.

Dr Natasha Hall

Dr Natasha Hall


Dr Natasha Hall is UK trained, gaining her qualifications through Leeds university. Following further training and work as a GP in the UK Natasha moved to Australia 5 years ago (2015) and has been worked in Nelson Bay until she joined MMC in late 2019.
Natasha enjoys all aspects of general practice, is exceptionally thorough and works hard to ensure a nuturing environment in support of her patients health.

Natasha has a great depth of knowledge around women’s health and performs Mirena insertion, removal and management services.

In her spare time she enjoys exercising, being outdoors & spending time with her family – and tries to do all of these things together when possible.

Dr Miranda Cook. Newcastle Doctor For Mayfield Medical Connection.

Dr Miranda Cook


Having worked with us for some time, Miranda has an enormous patient base. In an effort to ensure she is available for her existing patients, Miranda’s books are now closed. Rest assured that our doctors work as a team and Miranda’s colleagues will be happy to support you in your health needs. If you are related to an existing patient and specifically wish to see Miranda, please speak to our administration.

Miranda practiced as a GP for 12 years in the United Kingdom and 2 years in New Zealand before joining us in Mayfield in early 2013. In the UK, she was the lead GP in diabetes and mental health and she helped to train new doctors and medical students. Miranda is our Principal GP and our principal supervisor of registrars. She enjoys all aspects of general practice with a particular interest in diabetes, mental health, substance abuse and disabilities. miranda is also an HIV prescriber. Miranda speaks fluent French.

Outside of medicine, Miranda enjoys playing and listening to music, rowing, running, yoga and eating out.

Dr Bo Wong. Newcastle Doctor For Mayfield Medical Connection.

Dr Bo Wong


Having worked with us for some time, Bo has an enormous patient base. In an effort to ensure he is available for his existing patients, Bo’s books are now closed. Rest assured that our doctors work as a team and Bo’s colleagues will be happy to support you in your health needs. If you are related to an existing patient and specifically wish to see Bo, please speak to our administration. If you wish to see him as a Medical Acupuncturist, one of our other doctors will be happy to manage your case and where appropriate, refer you to Bo specifically for acupuncture treatments.

Bo has been practicing medicine since 1997 with substantial knowledge and experience in general practice, acute and chronic healthcare. Prior to working with us in Mayfield he held a private practice in Tamworth and helped to establish a GP clinic in Quirindi. He has specific expertise in the areas of family planning and anaesthesia and is an exceptional skin doctor, often performing difficult minor procedures for his patients.

Bo is also qualified in medical acupuncture. As well as English, Bo speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and some Malay.

Not sure which doctor or therapist to see?

Speak with our friendly receptionist staff who can help guide the decision for you.