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Dr Bo Wong. Newcastle Doctor for Mayfield Medical Connection.

Having worked with us for some time, Bo has an enormous patient base. In an effort to ensure he is available for his existing patients, Bo’s books are now closed. Rest assured that our doctors work as a team and Bo’s colleagues will be happy to support you in your health needs. If you are related to an existing patient and specifically wish to see Bo, please speak to our administration. If you wish to see him as a Medical Acupuncturist, one of our other doctors will be happy to manage your case and where appropriate, refer you to Bo specifically for acupuncture treatments.

Bo has been practicing medicine since 1997 with substantial knowledge and experience in general practice, acute and chronic healthcare. Prior to working with us in Mayfield he held a private practice in Tamworth and helped to establish a GP clinic in Quirindi. He has specific expertise in the areas of family planning and anaesthesia and is an exceptional skin doctor, often performing difficult minor procedures for his patients.

Bo is also qualified in medical acupuncture. As well as English, Bo speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and some Malay.

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