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Audiology Services provided by:

Hunter ENT’s five Surgeons, Dr Robert Eisenberg, A/Prof Kelvin Kong, Dr Toby Corlette, Dr Daron Cope & Dr Johnson Huang, heard the difficulties patients in the Hunter Region were experiencing, and set out to obtain a comprehensive and complete audiological service within their treatment journey.

Hunter ENT’s audiologist and specialist Ear Nose and Throat/ Head and Neck surgeons have been looking after the hearing problems of patients from the Hunter region and beyond for more than 15 years. Hearing loss is such a frustrating problem for patients, their families and friends, and can affect them in every aspect of daily life.

The path to discovering the cause of the hearing problem and treating it can seem complex and convoluted. By incorporating audiology into our practice, we hope to smooth the way to treatment and relief. With the expertise and technology available now, no one need live in a world of silence and isolation.