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Dr Jane Taylor Intergrative GP - MBBS, BMED SCc (Hons), Dip RACOG

Mayfield Medical Connection Welcomes Integrative GP – Dr Jane Taylor

We are delighted to announce the return of Integrative Medicine Practice to MMC with the introduction of Dr Jane Taylor who has recently moved from the ACT to Newcastle to be closer to her family. Jane has over 30 years’ experience as a General Practitioner, more than 20 years of which have been in alternative / integrative medicine.

Jane’s interest in integrative medicine was sparked by her family history, particularly the hormonal issues experienced by her mother and subsequent potential genetic risks they carried for her sisters and herself.

Her main areas of interest are female hormonal issues from puberty through to menopause and auto-immune hormonal issues, such as Hashimoto’s Disease. Treatments include dietary nutritional intervention, if required combined with nutritional injectables. Focus is given to restoring gut health to positively affect your whole system.

Jane has joined Mayfield Medical Connection with over twenty years continuous service in private practice in Canberra and fourteen years as a clinical tutor at the Australian National University Medical School.

As an integrative practitioner, Jane’s practice and fees differ from the rest of our GPs. You may expect your initial appointment to take between 40 mins and an hour. To ensure that you obtain maximum health benefit where appropriate, a management plan of subsequent appointments will be offered. All patients are given a comprehensive health questionnaire to complete and return prior to your first appointment. Please refer to our Integrative Medicine Fees Schedule found on our Patient Billing page . Initial appointments must be pre-paid.

Jane’s focus is auto-immune, nutrition and female hormones, she does not treat children suffering behavioural / learning issues.

MMC is delighted to have Jane join us. We look forward to supporting her to deliver these services, largely unique to the Newcastle area.