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Fixing 3pm fatigue!  5 healthy, energy building tips that work.

Zombie time hit mid afternoon for me.  Around 3pm I’d be yawning and moaning about how tired I felt as I shuffled to the vending machine desperate for a quick energy hit of pure sugar.

I remember vividly the day I learnt 3pm fatigue slumps were fixable, it was as if the sun shone brightly after a long, cold, dark winter.  The world was a new and exciting place again and there was hope I could make it through the day without exhaustion and empty chocolate calories.

1. Coffee after breakfast only 

Not drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a simple step with a powerful result crushing sugar cravings and boosting energy hours later.  It was a huge change for me to not drink coffee when I first woke up but the results were immediate and profound. 

2. Breakfast time = protein time

Pure protein foods like eggs and plain yoghurt mean enjoying a day of stable energy as well as stable moods.  So many people I see don’t eat enough protein leaving them vulnerable to not only fatigue but also depression and anxiety as well as frequent colds and ‘flus.

3.  Secret energy weapon   

The heavy artillery of the natural health world is CoQ10 a little known nutrient needed to make energy in your body.  The good news is it is available in a supplement and may boost both physical and mental vitality.

4.Energy foods: Iron & B12

Low intake of iron and B12 foods can cause fatigue, brain fog, difficulty with exercise and even more serious side effects.  These are especially common in menstruating women who don’t enjoy eating meat, chicken and/or fish. 

I don’t recommend jumping in with a supplement as too much can actually can cause as many problems as not enough!  Make sure you talk about your iron and B12 containing foods with a trained professional. 

5.  Zzzzzzzzzzs

Problems in the bedroom, sleeping problems that is, need to get sorted and sorted quickly.  I love herbal teas to encourage deep restful sleep and Passionflower and Lavender are two of my favourites as they are delicious, easy to drink and effective.

If these steps don’t fix your fatigue don’t stay silent!  Seek trained and professional advice by talking to a doctor or a registered naturopath to investigate what is happening to your energy levels. 

By: Sonia McNaughton Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

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