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Enrolling as a Patient, Making Appointments and Arriving at our Site

To get to know you well as a new patient we need time to take a great health history, identify your health goals and map a way forward for your best health journey. New patient appointments are necessarily long appointments and may be attended by one of our nurses as well as your new doctor.

Our community’s need for general practice care is at unprecedented levels at the moment which means that our appointments are booked out in advance. In order to maintain appropriate service, many of our GPs have had to close they’re books. If you would like to join us as a new patient, please be proactive for your health and book in for a new patient appointment BEFORE you have an acute need, it is impossible to jamb a long appointment into a packed out diary, but with notice we can get to see you at a time that will work for all of us.

We are working towards online booking for new patients. Until then we invite you to phone on 4968 2157. Once you have secured an appointment  filling and emailing this form will add efficiency to your onboarding. Or you may print, fill and post or drop in. We are best able to provide a quality initial experience if you can get your registration form back to us at least one business day before your first appointment. Emailing your form will not secure your appointment, please call to book.

In order to provide you with the quality care you deserve, MMC is a private billing practice. Our fees may be found here.

Where appropriate, we prefer offer the safety and convenience of telehealth consultations. However, the Government requires ALL new patients are first seen face to face. It is still possible to provide telehealth services to new patients, Medicare does NOT offer a rebate for patients whom we have not seen face to face inside 12 months.

Patients may book and/or cancel telehealth or face-to-face appointments online.

MMC uses texts to communicate with our patients. You may opt out, but it will affect the efficiency of our service to you.

If there’s a queue when you arrive, patients may now use our self-check in and check out kiosk, opposite the reception desk. If you’d like a hand, just let us know.

Our site offers ramps for access and otherwise easy accessibility including an accessible public toilet.

Parking is on street only. All who work at MMC are careful not to take carparks near our site in order to leave them free for our patients.

Covid Precautions

Covid-19 may be in our lives for sometime, it is incredibly important that we continue to look after each other. Access to our site will change dependent on the current risk. We will update requirements for access here:

If you have cold/flu symptoms please attend a covid clinic or your local public hospital for a free covid test FIRST. You don’t need a referral and you will have your results in around 24 -48 hrs. We will require evidence of your negative result if you intend to visit onsite with symptoms. We retain the right to refuse your entry. You must speak to us about your symptoms by phone before you attend so we may gauge the risk and advise if you may visit us face to face.

Masks remain to COMPULSORY. If you don’t have your own, you may purchase one for $2 cash on arrival. Please consider our earth when you dispose of masks and consider purchasing effective, reusable ones.

Please maintain 1.5 metres distance from others throughout your visit.

Even if you are young and fit, it is important to limit your exposure to symptomatic people during this crucial time. You don’t want to be responsible for infecting your or someone else’s grandparent, baby or immuno-compromised loved one.

Meanwhile, wash your hands regularly, don’t touch MEN (mouth, eyes, nose),  avoid public places, eat and sleep well, stay sensible and grounded.

Reach out for help when you need it and offer it to others when you can.