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New Patient Registration Form

Covid-19 may be in our lives for sometime, it is incredibly important that we continue to look after each other. Access to our site will change dependent on the current risk. We will update requirements for access here:

Where appropriate, we prefer to offer the safety and convenience of telehealth consultations. However, the Government requires ALL new patients are first seen face to face.

Existing patients may book telehealth or face-to-face appointments online.

Patients MUST have had an onsite appointment in the previous 12 months to be eligible for the Medicare rebate for their appointment.

If you have cold/flu symptoms please attend your local public hospital for a free covid test FIRST. You don’t need a referral and you will have your results in around 24 -48 hrs. We will require evidence of your negative result if you intend to visit onsite with symptoms. We retain the right to refuse your entry.

All onsite visitors must wear a face covering. If you don’t have your own, you may purchase a mask for $2 on arrival.

We are authorised to have 22 patients in our waiting room at any one time.

Please call 4968 2157 BEFORE you enter our site. We will let you know if we have the space. If we don’t we will call you back as soon as it is safe to enter.

Please maintain 1.5 meters distance from others throughout your visit.

Even if you are young and fit, it is important to limit your exposure to other people during this crucial time, you don’t want to be responsible for infecting your or someone else’s grandparent, baby or immuno compromised loved one.

Meanwhile, wash your hands regularly, don’t touch MEN (mouth, eyes, nose) avoid public places, eat and sleep well and stay sensible and grounded.

Reach out for help when you need it.