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Due to the significant increase in running costs, from 3rd June 2024 fees have increased.
Please note that the same out of pocket charge for all appointments no longer applies. Long appointments have been stepped to ensure those using less time pay less even though the same rebate applies. It remains most economical to book the time you need.

In order to bring you the quality care you deserve, it is essential that the health professionals who work from MMC charge for the services they provide. Please be aware of the non-attendance and accounts policies explained below.

For the convenience of their patients, the General Practitioners who work from MMC have chosen to use the same general fee schedule. For specialised services, specific to the individual skills of your GP, fees may vary. Your GP will discuss this with you if it is relevant to your care.  – Your GP’s full fees table can be found here. 

General Practice Fee Schedule

Initial consultations for all new patients will attract the fee appropriate to the time spent with your Doctor. New patient appointments are necessarily a long appointment so that your new GP can spend time to understand and record your health history and your unique needs.

Concessions may apply to fees. EFTPOS surcharges are added to all EFT transactions:

Standard Consultation – 6:19mins: $102.00, Medicare rebate $41.40

Long Consultation 1 – 20-29mins: $150.00, Medicare rebate $80.10

Long Consultation 2 – 30-39mins: $175.00, Medicare rebate $80.10

Pro-Long 1 Consultation – 40-49mins: $220.00, Medicare rebate $118.00

Pro-Long 2 Consultation – 50-59mins: $250.00, Medicare rebate $118.00

Pro-Long 3 Consultation – 60-69mins: $325.00, Medicare rebate $191.20

Pro-Long 4 Consultation – 70-79mins: $350.00, Medicare rebate $191.20

Some things to note:

MMC supports Commonwealth Concession Card Holders by discounting fees by $20 per consultation.

Telehealth: To access the highest rebate available for Telehealth consultations that are 20 minutes and longer, you must be registered as a patient with MMC for My Medicare. Find out more and how to register here.

Telehealth consultations carry the same fees and rebates as face to face consultations with the added convenience of attending from a place of your choosing. We ask that you ensure you have privacy and quiet so that you are able to give full attention to your clinician for your maximum benefit.

Department of Veteran Affairs: Gold card holding veterans who participate in the Coordinated Veteran’s Affairs (CVC) program with us are bulk-billed. You must be registered under this program to take advantage of this. If you would like to find out more, please speak with your GP. Non-participating gold card holders and white card holders are billed privately as per your GP’s standard billing schedule.

Workers Compensation: all consultations are to be paid for by the patient at the time of service. We will provide a receipt so that you can be reimbursed directly by your insurer. Please note: if during your consultation you seek assistance for matters NOT related to your WC claim, a separate private fee will be charged relevant to your service.

Non-attendance/Late Cancellations: The GPs working from MMC are VERY busy. We have had to enforce a strict non-attendance policy to ensure their time is not wasted.

Non-attendance/late cancellation fees: the full fee for the service you booked, no concession rates. Late is considered missed as late makes your doctor late for everybody after you. Repeat bookings may not be made if fees are outstanding. Our booking provider holds your fee for a standard appointment during booking. If you are late or do not attend, this amount will be taken as your non-attendance/late fee.

We’d rather you received care than a non-attendance fee. Please cancel with a minimum of 2 hours’ notice so you aren’t responsible for a late/cancellation fee.

EFTPOS surcharges are added to all EFT transactions.

Accounts Policy

Please be aware: Accounts are NOT offered. Once the service is supplied or booked but not attended, payment is appreciated and expected. Quality care cannot be provided without adequate payment.

If fee for service is not paid on the date of service an administration fee of $15 + GST is added to your invoice. Appointments/access to further services are unavailable until all outstanding debts are paid in full.

Patients with fees outstanding after 30 days will be referred to a debt collection agency. Access to health professionals that work from MMC will no longer be available. Costs incurred in debt collection will be added to outstanding fees.