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In order to bring you the quality care you deserve, it is essential that MMC is a private billing practice. Please be aware of our non-attendance and accounts policies found below.

General Practice and Integrative Medicine are charged at a different schedules:

General Practice Fee Schedule

Initial consultations for all new patients will attract the fee appropriate to the time spent with your Doctor.

We keep the out of pocket expense consistent so that you may book the time you need for the issues you bring.

Concessions may apply to the following fees, EFTPOS surcharges are added to all EFT transactions:

Standard Consultation: $84.10, Medicare rebate $39.10

Long Consultation: $120.75,  Medicare rebate $75.75

Extended Consultation: $156.50, Medicare rebate $111.50

Department of Veteran Affairs are bulk billed. 

Non-attendance/late cancellation fees are charged at the Medicare rebate of the missed appointment.

We’d rather you received care than a non-attendance fee. Please cancel with a minimum of 2 hours notice so we don’t have to charge you (1 business days’ for Integrative Medicine).


Integrative Medicine Fee Schedule

Initial and complex appointments (approx. 40mins): $300.00, Medicare rebate $111.50

Subsequent appointments (approx. 30mins) $200.00, Medicare rebate $75.75

Less complicated follow-ups (approx. 20mins): $140.00, Medicare rebate $39.10

Initial appointments must be paid for in advance on booking. Cancellations with less than 1 business day’s  notice incur a non-attendance fee of the full appointment fee. EFTPOS surcharges are added to all EFT transactions.

Accounts Policy

Please be aware of our policy on accounts:

Our Practice doesn’t usually offer accounts, once the service is supplied payment is expected and appreciated. We cannot provide quality care without adequate payment for our services.

Sometimes due to certain circumstances an account may be issued. This is not ideal for the practice because it causes more work and it is not ideal for the patient as it causes extra fee’s, so payment on the day is beneficial for both parties.

If the consult fee is not paid on the date of service an administration fee of $15 is added to the account and you will be unable to make appointments or access further services until the account is paid in full.

If the account is not paid within two weeks it is then referred to a debt collection agency, incurring considerable further fees to pay for this service. Regrettably you will then be asked to find care elsewhere.