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Our Mayfield site in Newcastle has supported the practice of expert practitioners who have served the medical and health needs of the Newcastle community since around 1926. We’re a locally owned, family run company that works hard to ensure our community has access to multi-disciplinary experts to support their whole family’s health and well-being.

The experts consulting from MMC believe that innovative, evidence-based practises as well as tried and true treatments all coupled with good health strategies leads to the best health available. This is why we support the practice of evidence-based complementary therapies alongside conventional treatments and strategies. Importantly, every decision is centered around the whole wellness of the practitioners’ patients. You are not a symptom to the practitioners at MMC. MMC works hard to be a productive part of our community by supporting the practice of quality health experts. You’re their top priority, so partner with them in your best health journey by learning how to make the best use of their services with the information below.

If you’re a new patient, find information on booking an appointment with practitioners consulting from our site here.  There’s also lots of advice on making the most of our services directly below.

Live better, feel better, BE BETTER!